Decorative transfers

The DST solution for producing digital textile transfers is a unique solution that combines the best from digital printing and from screen printing.

Digital printing gives you the highest image quality together with the possibility to combine different images on the same sheet. Variable data can be added to the job, images can change, barcodes can be applied – in short, your imagination is the limit.

Specially formulated screen printing inks, produces a transfer that can be applied onto any kind of textile, withstand high temperature washing, industrial washing & dry-cleaning.

At the same time the transfer is very soft and flexible, so flexible that it even can be applied to spandex.

DST is even able to offer a ink system that can produce EcoTex certified transfers without any APEO, PVC or phthalates.

All of this is possible due to the developments made by DST and it’s range of different adhesives.