Tagless labels

A rapidly growing market in the textile industry is the “tagless” application, where the traditional woven label is replaced by a transfer which is applied to the inside of the garment. This offers a number of advantages as it increases the value of the product, makes it possible to easily make limited editions, ad security features and even re-branding of products to name a few.

The DST system offers the highest quality and productivity available in the market.

Combining digital roll-to-roll printing from Xeikon with roll-to-roll screen printing, the DST system is able to produce neck labels in roll form for high speed transfer with transfer times of 2 seconds.

The same product can also be produced in sheets and/or be supplied as singles.

The digital printing process makes it possible to combine the logo with both the size and the care instructions. The image quality is superior and it is possible to print fonts down to 2 points in size, which means it is possible to include a lot of text, without taking focus away from the logo.

Without any extra cost, text can be varied, the size can change, a serial number or barcode can be added, etc. as long as the outline of the screen is maintained, the label can be 100% variable.

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