Everybody producing transfers is faced with an increased amount of artwork from customers that needs to be processed before the job can be printed. One of the steps is to create the film for the white and the adhesive screen, which is straight forward with some jobs while others require a lot of work due to file format, image quality, etc. There is now an automatic way to produce these files for all jobs!

Using the software Odystar from EskoArtwork, automatic workflows can easily be setup to automatically create these files, drastically reducing the time needed to prepare a job.

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Not only does the software create the films for the white and the adhesive screen, but it is also a highly automated workflow system based on PDF 1.6 which is the native format The PDF Workflow offers a number of pre-press tools for preflight, certification, step and repeat, proof printing and Ripping. Since the software is modular, it is easy to configure Odystar to have the optimal functionality for all companies. Odystar is a completely integrated PDF workflow which can be used as a standalone system or as a frontend for older RIP systems.

This means that an old RIP can handle PDF 1.6 files without any problems. Part of the Odystar package is Neo. Neo is a native PDF editor, which means that all PDF files can be opened and edited without having to worry about file conversion, missing fonts, file changes and other problems that you may experience when opening a PDF file in your normal software.

  • Edit all text in the PDF, including changing the font.
  • Edit all pictures in the PDF
  • Edit all PDF boxes
  • Add or remove elements in the layout

For more information about Odystar, Neo or other of EskoArtwork’s solutions, please contact:

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