The DST process can be used for producing textile transfers for all applications where screen printed or offset printed transfers are used today. The flexibility that digital printing offers makes it possible to produce jobs that are too expensive or impossible to produce with the traditional production methods. At the same time digital means that you no longer have to worry about separations for the screen printing process, having to finish your offset transfers within a certain time period or the fact that certain minimum volumes are required to justify offset printing of a job to achieve the required quality.

Not only does digital printing enable you to optimize your production, reduce the amount of screens used every day, avoid having to mix inks and maintain a stock of the different inks, etc. but it also means you now can produce transfers that add even more value to the end product than the traditional decoration does today. Features such as variable data for serial numbers, barcodes, QR codes and changing images means that each product can be unique, turning it into a personalized product. These features can also be used either for security features for brand protection or to collect end user data by enabling the end user to register their product, giving the brand or sports club access to valuable customer information.

For more information about the possibilities digital printing can give you and your business, please follow this link to download our presentation about the digital possibilities. DST digital possibilities presentation (internal link) No matter if you are producing graphic art transfers or tagless labels with the DST system will you be able to meet your customers’ demands in regards to quality, flexibility and also be able to produce transfers that will pass the Ecotex certification standards if the water based adhesive is used. For more information about the tagless label applications, please follow this link. Tagless label application.