The DST Advantages

The traditional production of textile transfers can be split into two main categories: Screen printed & offset printed transfers Each has its advantages and disadvantages when it comes to the production of these. Producing transfers with the DST system streamlines your transfer production, makes it possibly to reduce your delivery time, gives you flexibility in your production planning and enables you to offer new solutions to your customers.

By combining digital printing and screen printing, the DST system makes it possible to utilize the quality, flexibility, productivity and details that digital offer. Using specially developed water based and plastisol based inks; it is possible to produce transfers that have all the characteristics of traditional transfers, such as stretch, durability, wash resistance including 90 degrees C / 194 degrees F washing.

At the same time the different adhesives makes it possible to decorate any type of textile or fabric that you can decorate with a traditional transfer.

To learn more about the DST program, the advantages it offers and what you can decorate with the DST transfers, please download our presentations from the download area or browse the website to learn more about the applications, the products that we offer and the different printers that can be used for the DST transfer production.